Ido Izhaki

Professor of Ecology


Contact information


Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology

Faculty of Science and Science Education

University of Haifa

Haifa 31905, Israel

Tel (Oranim): (972) 4 983-8919

Fax (Oranim): (972) 4 953-9608

Tel (Haifa): (972) 4 824-9025

Fax (Haifa): (972) 4 828-8763




1980 - B.Sc., Biology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

1987 - Ph.D., Environmental Biology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Research interests and publications

Frugivory and seed dispersal

Secondary metabolites in fruits and nectar

Nutritional ecology of birds

Post-fire recovery
Piscivory and bird-man conflicts
Bird migration

Other publications

Research projects


The ecophysiological response of birds versus mammals to secondary metabolites in fruits

The role of secondary metabolites in floral nectar in mediating the interactions between plants and microorganisms

Development of a novel glucosinolate-containing desert plant (Ochradenus baccatus) for control of soil-borne diseases in the Middle East


Fleshy-fruited plants and frugivores in desert

The ecological role of secondary compounds in floral nectar of tree tobacco (Nicotiana glauca)

Land-use effect on the foraging and feeding of Eurasian griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) in northern Israel

Establishing an optimal management tools to reduce man –crane conflict in the Hula Valley, Israel

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 Courses taught at Haifa University


Advanced Biostatistics

Experimental Design

Population Ecology



Courses taught at Oranim


Quantitative Methods in Ecology